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 Formal Venture Capital investing in Thailand was initiated by the US Aid programme in 1988 when it formed an investment company, Business Venture Promotion, which was jointly owned and funded by several local banks.


> What is Venture Capital or Private Equity?
> What type of company does VCF like to invest?
> What are the Pros and Cons in having VCF as a partner?
> What does a VC company ("VCC") look for in a prospective partner ?
> How to make a business plan attractive to VCs ?
> Will VCs sign non-disclosure agreement, or otherwise swear secrecy ?
> Will I lose control of my company if I enter into an agreement with a VC?
> How will I know if my company is ready for a partnership with a VC?
> How long does due diligence process take?
> Are VCCs the best source of funding for my needs?

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-NSTDA Investors' Day 2013



-UK Trade & Investment
-Innobiz Matching Day
-Annual General Meeting
-TVCA Luncheon Meeting